Mercy Centre


This ministry supplies the needs to those less fortunate; whether the need be clothing, furniture, or appliances, all at no cost to the recipient——

Donations are appreciated.


The Mercy Centre

The Mercy Centre is a community outreach of The Mercy of God Church at 356 Simons Avenue that meets the practical needs of those we are serving in the community.

We are looking for good used furniture and non-perishable food items that are passed on free of charge to people who come to us with various needs.

We have assisted people who are getting set up in their new apartments, fire victims, and others seeking practical help.

Our small food cupboard also offers emergency food assistance on an as needed basis.

We need your support to help keep our Mercy Centre stocked with good quality furniture and food.


Please prayerfully consider the support of these ongoing needs. Maybe you could pass the message on to a friend as well.

Thank-you on behalf of The Mercy of God Church,


Pastor Brian Charles


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